11th June 2012

Letting Life Happen Through You

After years of hard work and struggle I realised that there was something wrong with the ‘formula for life’ I was using. For 35 years, everything went great – I knew where I was going, and why. I knew what I wanted to do and things just happened. But then I got my turn at the flip side. For the next 20 years my life turned into a turmoil of constant struggle. In the last few years I decided enough was enough – my current state just wasn’t working. I needed to make a change. I was working hard, had more chaos than I could handle, and didn’t seem to be able to make progress. Fortunately, I decided that the main thing to focus on was keeping healthy. So on that level, things were going okay. I had an accident with my arm that put me out of work, with no financial help inspite of years of cover payments, and not able to work or sleep. Things just went from bad to worse….until I took back control – I said STOP. I am not playing this game any more.

I focused on what I could do – not couldn’t do

If something go too hard – it was not meant to be.

I surrendered!!

It took a lot of courage to let life go, but I realised that unless I let life happen through me, it would happen to me. Through me is much calmer, joyous and for some reason better. I let go a very high income, I let go financial security, but I also let go the pain of life.

Things are turning around for me. It is early days…but I feel lighter than I have in years. I feel less anxiety than I have at years. I feel happy, really happy. I cannot explain it, and I am sure many will say I am just running away from reality. My answer to them is…you are absolutely right – I am running away from trying to create my reality, and just living my reality instead….and it is truly wonderful!!!

There will be no more struggle for me.

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9th November 2011

Remove the Ego for Appropriate Action

“When you are on the Titanic, you lower the lifeboats. You don’t spend time yelling at the iceberg.”

When facing real disasters we tend to act with a rationality devoid of other less perilous situations. Why is this? Because as we go back down the scale our ego gets more involved. Real danger triggers the flight or fight response, whereas lesser situations do not engage this part of the brain, and allow the frontal cortex [ the judgement area] to consider alternatives. Many of these options involve the ego – and that’s usually what is behind poor decision making.

Whether it is personal decisions or business decisions, approaching every event with clarity and a sense of the present brings about the best results. Engaging in past memories or patterns links past emotions to the current event. Future expectations links fear or greed – both of which change the balance of consideration we apply to our decisions.

The more one operates in the present – the more objective one can be.


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9th October 2011

Life Is Like A Pair of Shoes

Life is like a pair of shoes. We chose a life style that seems appropriate at the time – we wear it well – but often fail to notice when the style no longer serves us.  Just as we wouldn’t expect a child to continue wearing a pair of shoes they have outgrown, that no longer suit them, we must also update our shoes.

Our shoes serve a useful purpose – so does our life style. However, it seems much easier to recognize when it is time to discard a pair of shoes, when they no longer serve us, when they are too small or looking too shabby, than it is to discard a chosen style of living when it no longer serves us.

We need to be aware that we need to update our life as often as we update our shoes. When we buy a pair of shoes, we don’t go out seeking to replace the exact same pair – we seek to improve the quality, the style, the comfort. To continue to grow as a person we must do the same with our lives. If we keep wearing the same tired life, it gets outdated – we may not notice but everyone else sure does.

Don’t keep wearing the same outdated life – think about how you have grown, and continually update your life to better suit the person you are today.

If you continue to stay the same you are not only a sorry old pair of shoes – you are are a sorry outdated person.

Give yourself permission to grow – give yourself space to grow. Just like you update your childrens shoes as they grow.

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28th June 2010

Protecting Your Mind

Clothe your mind in the right thoughts every morning, just as you clothe your body. Don’t enter the world of negativity naked – know who you are, what you value, where you are going right now and what helps you get there. Keep your mind clothed in positive feelings, activities, people and sensory stimulus.

You wouldn’t let go outside on a cold wintery day naked, we protect our bodies by wrapping them in clothing that protects us from harsh elements. Yet, every day we let destructive forces rip into our minds – because we didn’t do what we needed to do to protect it.

So, design a wardrobe of positive affirmations that remind you of your current purpose in life and what’s important to you – choose from it every morning as part of your daily get-ready routine.

Your Action – design a wardrobe of positive affirmations that support you, and choose from it every morning as part of your daily get-ready routine.

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14th December 2008

Building Your Business During A Recession

So your sales are down 30 percent.

You have to choose how to move forward with your business. You can focus on all the downsides and reduce your business to meet the market – or you can choose to build on past achievements and current profitable capabilities.

This choice of mind set changes you from React > Rebound > Build Momentum

Your focus is now on assets, not deficits.

Start with yourself – your personal assets, relationships and situational assets. Magnify what is best – and focus on what is next.

Tell yourself that your motto is to ‘Try’ not ‘Deny’. And tell yourself at least twice a day for 21 days.
When your vision is focused, your assets will align and you can identify what you can grow and what has to go. Start each day with what is possible, with what you want. Be guided by the vision and evaluate each action towards its power to move your forward towards your goal or back.

Each of us, little by little create the perfect storm. The only difference is that you either create a good storm or a bad storm.

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25th November 2008

Leverage Connected Energy

We are all connected – our hopes and dreams are reflected back in each others eyes. We cannot reach our destiny alone, because our destiny is joined to that of others.

We sometimes feel alone in our struggles to achieve our goals and can be quite hard on ourselves when things don’t turn out as planned. However, we must remember that our journey is never done in solitude. Every action we take impacts someone else, regardless of how unaware we are of that impact. Our words and actions may inspire someone to follow, our choices reflect the knowledge we have collected from others.

No matter what your path – there is most likely someone who has trodden it before you. The energy they leave behind for you to reap is in their knowledge and wisdom to help your journey just that much easier than those before you. And your contributions make it easier for those whom follow.

The message is to not try to do it alone – tap into the collective wisdom there for all to share. Never before have we been so priviledged to have knowledge at our fingertips, in our homes 24×7.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – it does not lessen the magnitude of your success, it just makes you wiser.

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11th February 2008

The Quick Secret To Success

By now most of us have read ‘The Secret’ or the originating book ‘The Science of Getting Rich’. It is easy to read something inspirational such as The Secret,  practice the teachings for a couple of weeks, then leave it behind you……and then wonder why your life is just the same!

If this sounds like you, perhaps the quick takeaway notes below that I made of The Secret may provide you with a quick cheat sheet to prompt you:


ASK ONLY once, then trust it is coming. Start seeking your ‘request’ acting as if it is already in existence.

VISUALISE – Really feel the reality of your ideal through visualisation. Visualise living your ideal every day. When you have an inspired thought – trust it, act on it.

FOCUS – Deal with doubts by dismissing them – then say to yourself “ I know I am receiving now”. Focus on abundant wealth – NEVER SAY “I Can’t Afford It” – instead, focus on having more than enough. Don’t let others talk about their ills or problems to you – Change the subject.Say to yourself – “Money Comes Easily and Frequently”.



PURPOSE – Your purpose in life is the one you write for yourself.


  1. Start every day with 100 thank you’s…..”I am so happy and grateful now that _________________”.
  2. Do daily visualisation with movement.
  3. Other affirmations:

“I have more than enough”

“Money loves me and I love it, so it comes to me easily”

“I think perfect thoughts, I see only perfection. I am perfection”

“I feel wonderful, I feel good”

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8th February 2008

Make Now Your Finest Hour

How you define yourself has a lot to do with your future. Your reality is what you create right now.

We all have challenges, every day. Big challenges are there to strengthen you. How you react to those challenges is how you define yourself. The decisions you make at those tough times in your life help shape your future.

 Dont look at what is in front of you, look to where you want to be in the future. This helps to change your focus from what you are going through, to what you are going to.

Make this very moment, your finest hour….remember, you will never have this hour again. If you normally react to the challenge you have right this hour in a non-productive way, then this is your biggest chance in your life so far to change that.

It doesn’t matter what you have or have not done in the past, or what mistakes have brought grief into your life in the past….you can change it all now with one moment in time. By making a better decision you, you forever change the path of your life, if for no other reason as you will now have a new opinion of yourself. And that new truth about yourself will propel you into new habits, that will continue to strengthen everytime you make this new better choice – until it becomes your new habit, your new way of acting, your new and more successful you.

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