11th June 2012

Letting Life Happen Through You

After years of hard work and struggle I realised that there was something wrong with the ‘formula for life’ I was using. For 35 years, everything went great – I knew where I was going, and why. I knew what I wanted to do and things just happened. But then I got my turn at the flip side. For the next 20 years my life turned into a turmoil of constant struggle. In the last few years I decided enough was enough – my current state just wasn’t working. I needed to make a change. I was working hard, had more chaos than I could handle, and didn’t seem to be able to make progress. Fortunately, I decided that the main thing to focus on was keeping healthy. So on that level, things were going okay. I had an accident with my arm that put me out of work, with no financial help inspite of years of cover payments, and not able to work or sleep. Things just went from bad to worse….until I took back control – I said STOP. I am not playing this game any more.

I focused on what I could do – not couldn’t do

If something go too hard – it was not meant to be.

I surrendered!!

It took a lot of courage to let life go, but I realised that unless I let life happen through me, it would happen to me. Through me is much calmer, joyous and for some reason better. I let go a very high income, I let go financial security, but I also let go the pain of life.

Things are turning around for me. It is early days…but I feel lighter than I have in years. I feel less anxiety than I have at years. I feel happy, really happy. I cannot explain it, and I am sure many will say I am just running away from reality. My answer to them is…you are absolutely right – I am running away from trying to create my reality, and just living my reality instead….and it is truly wonderful!!!

There will be no more struggle for me.

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21st March 2009

The Power of Faith

The term ‘faith’ generally conjures up a religious connection, yet it is not connected to religion at all. In many ways, organized religion is just a vehicle to have faith. Faith can be derived from many avenues, different Gods or the universe itself. I am not a great believer in organized religion –  for the crimes it has committed on itself over thousands of years, and because it is the source of destructive fervor by those whom become fanatical – leading to war, terrorism and unspeakable acts of inhuman action.

However, I am a believer in universal energy, in having faith, and the connection between the mind, body and universe – what one deems as quantum physics. Everything is formed by energy matter, and we are all connected at various levels through vibrations emitted by different forms of energy matter. I have personally experienced some amazing ‘coincidences’ when I gained a connection with a higher energy and asked for that which I desired. I have also suffered from a lack of connection.

When things in your life just seem to fall apart, no matter how hard you try, and no matter how many times you pick yourself up and start out again in a different avenue, there comes a point when not only your drive to succeed dissolves, but your spirit is broken. This is the time when we need to call upon the universe the most. You need to be rescued, so you need to make the call to be saved. Start scripting some bold statements. Statements of firm resolve not to be defeated by negative emotions and circumstances. Start creating an escape path. By leveraging the universe you can do all the things you want – just stake your claim, don’t give up and ask to be saved.

This is when you must put down all the baggage you are carrying and let the universe carry it for a while. You need to regain your faith by connecting with the universal energy flow as say to yourself:

I will [INSERT SUCCESS ACTION]. So I shall be saved.

Repeat this statement adding in all the deeds of action you must perform to be successful in your current goal. And then trust that the universe will support your goals. It renews your strength.

Too often we worry about not achieving our lifes purpose – yet the only day that really matters is the day you know you are going to die, and that day is only one day in the thousands that precede it, so save that worrying thought for that special day and live in the moment of today.

Yesterday was history, tomorrow is mystery, but today is the day that you can change your life.

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26th January 2009

Not Much Sympathy For Executive Package Cuts

The Economic Research Institute recently reported that the average total compensation of the highest paid executives at U.S. public companies fell 4 percent for the year ended in November 2008. With top executives receiving compensation packages worth an average of  $17,760,518, this represented a cut of around $700,000. Whilst I would darely love to be receiving this sort of remmuneration for my many, many invaluable skills and shining personality, I can’t muster up a lot of sympathy for this outcome.

It does raise the question again though – how fair are executive packages?  Should such levels of remmuneration even exist?

Would love to hear your thoughts?

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5th December 2008

7 Secrets To Success in Tough Times

When things get tough – small businesses and large businesses alike feel the pain. Employees and owners share the same feelings of being scared, insecure, and financially exposed. Most businesses have surplus capacity during downturns and things need to get pared down quickly, otherwise capital is wasted in the wrong areas.

The seven secrets to surviving tough times include:

  1. Attitude – you are totally in contol of that. It won’t stop crappy stuff happening, but it will help you get through it faster.
  2. Communication – keep employees informed so they feel trusted and valued. Communicate with your market so they know you are the best.
  3. Loyalty to your team – every success depends on a great team. This is two way loyalty. If you look after your team well during good times – they are more likely to have your back in tough times
  4. Systems – get focused on processes for product development, and financial management
  5. Controls – ensure you have a reliable feedback system so you know what results you are getting
  6. Production – focus on product innnovation, not big scale innovation and ensure service delivery is well optimised
  7. Quality – during times of information explosion it is difficult to distinguish the real from the reactionary. Ensure your business intelligence systems are filtering information correctly.

This is a great time to tighten up the sloppy areas of your business. When the market starts recovering you will be the more efficient machine to take adavantage of it

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21st November 2008

Success Comes From Doing What Others Don’t of Won’t Do

It is commonly held that when we apply effort we get rewarded. A trait common to really successful people is that they have ‘meaningful work’ embedded in their consciousness.

For instance, before the Beatles became a worldwide sensation they played in a Hamburg strip club 8 hour sets, 7 nights a week. During this time they taught themselves to be a great band. By the time they got to USA they had played together 1200 times. What made them special was that they were willing to play 8 hour sets 7 times a week as a single band. Together they put in meaningful effort that most other people would not.

In 1969, Bill Gates as a 13 year old school boy spend hours at the school teletype doing real time programming – when no one else was doing real time programming. He threw his heart and soul into it and never left the room, running up huge computer bills.

Another computer magnate, Paul Allen found there was a mainframe computer at the University of Washington that was not being used from 2am – 6am weekday mornings. So sneaking out his bedroom window he spent every weekday early morning stealing computer time!!

Each of these world successes put in time and effort that most others would not endure. That’s what separated them from the masses following in their wake.

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13th October 2008

Be More Successful By Aligning To Your Wealth DNA Profile

Are you finding that in spite of all the success seminars and goal setting that you are just not reaching the level of success you desire?

Is the road to riches proving to be much harder going than you ever imagined?

Maybe you are aiming for the wrong thing, or going about it the wrong way. If you are struggling to make progress, it is likely a sign that you are not operating in accordance with your wealth DNA.

Your wealth DNA is a mixture of your natural skills, your personality type, the way you tackle a problem and the way you relate to people. If you are a naturally systematic type of person, yet you have chosen a business or career path that relies heavily on gaining the co-operation of others – you may have picked the wrong path. Alternatively, you may be doing the wrong role in the pursuit of that goal.

A new section on LifeSuccessHabits.com looks at your Wealth Profile. It outlines how each of us is coded with a particular wealth DNA. By aligning your road to your dreams with your wealth DNA you are opening the right channels of energy to work with you, instead of against you.

Find out your Wealth DNA here

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13th August 2008

Our Greatest Fear

Often we believe we fear failure, when in reality we fear success. This poem by Marianne Williamson from her book A Return to Love was worth sharing:

Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate,
but that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant,
gorgeous, handsome, talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some; it is in everyone.

And, as we let our own light shine, we consciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.

So just why is it that other people make us feel unacceptable for succeeding – and we join in by responding in kind.

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13th May 2008

Wants – Good or Evil – It’s Your Choice

Wants both drive the world and destroy the world.

Every biologic element has wants. All molecules want to move. Wants are an untamed driver of every living being. However, energy without direction, without purpose is either destructive or wasted.

Of the three keys to success [ability, energy, direction], direction is the most important. Both ability and energy can be purchased.

Want without purpose, without direction, destroys an individual. Those who cannot master their wants are loose cannons – they ruin lives, ruin societies, ruin companies. The victor is always the individual who has direction.

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4th May 2008

The Power of ‘Wants’ Destroy Success

Wants drive the world and destroy the world.

Every biologic element has wants. All molecules want to move. Wants are an untamed driver of every living being. However, energy without direction, without purpose is either destructive or wasted.

Of the three keys to success [ability, energy, direction], direction is the most important. Both ability and energy can be purchased.

Want without purpose, without direction, destroys an individual. Those who cannot master their wants are loose cannons – they ruin lives, ruin societies, ruin companies. The victor is always the individual who has direction.

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11th February 2008

The Quick Secret To Success

By now most of us have read ‘The Secret’ or the originating book ‘The Science of Getting Rich’. It is easy to read something inspirational such as The Secret,  practice the teachings for a couple of weeks, then leave it behind you……and then wonder why your life is just the same!

If this sounds like you, perhaps the quick takeaway notes below that I made of The Secret may provide you with a quick cheat sheet to prompt you:


ASK ONLY once, then trust it is coming. Start seeking your ‘request’ acting as if it is already in existence.

VISUALISE – Really feel the reality of your ideal through visualisation. Visualise living your ideal every day. When you have an inspired thought – trust it, act on it.

FOCUS – Deal with doubts by dismissing them – then say to yourself “ I know I am receiving now”. Focus on abundant wealth – NEVER SAY “I Can’t Afford It” – instead, focus on having more than enough. Don’t let others talk about their ills or problems to you – Change the subject.Say to yourself – “Money Comes Easily and Frequently”.



PURPOSE – Your purpose in life is the one you write for yourself.


  1. Start every day with 100 thank you’s…..”I am so happy and grateful now that _________________”.
  2. Do daily visualisation with movement.
  3. Other affirmations:

“I have more than enough”

“Money loves me and I love it, so it comes to me easily”

“I think perfect thoughts, I see only perfection. I am perfection”

“I feel wonderful, I feel good”

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