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Building Wealth


Are you trying to make money or build wealth?

To many, money or riches and wealth are the same thing. In reality, they could not be more different.

Many people become experts at their chosen method to generate money, but have little wealth. Wealth builders instead focus on building a foundation upon which money flows. A wealth foundation includes a reputation, a powerful network, a knowledge base, a resource base and a track record. And rather than being built around an expertise, it is built around a passion.

Even Warren Buffet subscribes to this theory. Every day he gets out of bed and does what he loves doing. And money just flows to him. He knows exactly what he wants: businesses with consistent earning power, good return on equity, little debt, good management and that he understands… between $5 billion and $20 billion in size. Because he has clearly defined his needs, and shares it, the opportunities are brought to him, he does not have to seek them out.

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