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Your Core Wealth DNA


There are the eight wealth profiles. Each wealth coach will have their own names for these. But they essentially follow the same grouping and relationships.

  1. The Inventor
  2. The Performer
  3. The Supporter
  4. The Broker
  5. The Trader
  6. The Collector
  7. The Owner
  8. The Innovator

Each of these personalities bears some degree of the previous traits we have discussed. They either:

  • Introvert [rely on developing own internal systems] OR Extrovert [rely on gaining support through other people]
  • Tend towards creating value OR creating leverage
  • They either adopt a growth strategy based on systematic duplication OR by magnifying efforts through engaging more people
  • They base their decision on intuition OR analytics

If we were to organize these traits it would look something like this:

Wealth DNA Profile Focus Method Key Skill Applied
Innovator [Entrepreneur] How / What Duplicate / Innovation Intuitive
What Innovation
What / Who Innovation / Magnify
Who Magnify Intuitive / Analytical
Deal Maker
Who / When Magnify / Timing
When Timing Analytical
When / How
Timing / Duplicate
How Duplicate

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