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Value Creation: Intuition and Innovation


Your innovation success is directly proportional to your ability to think intuitively.

Your execution success is directly proportional to your ability to think rationally.

Both of these elements create VALUE.

The ability to create a systematic delivery mechanism and scan the horizon for forces that will either present challenges or opportunities. This type of activity is what develops into ‘timing’. Knowing when to buy, hold or divest. This type of sensory awareness is what many innovative, intuitive persons lack. It is what presents opportunities that other people miss.

You need both.

Many people are good at one or the other. Those who are highly inspirational thinkers often fail to deliver through the inability to execute on their vision. At the other end of the scale, building a create delivery mechanism that fails to deliver innovative products or services will also fail to reach your targets.

You need to recognize what ability you have in each of these arenas and find a complementary partner to provide the other part. Whilst you can develop your own natural abilities further, in a time of crisis you will fall back on your innate strength. And it may be the wrong guidance system for the time or situation.

An innate creativity does not often also come with innate sensory or timing ability. George Soros admits that his analytical ability is lacking. But he is flexible and creative at adapting to various unique opportunities.

Wealth creators stick to their focus and their natural abilities even in the face of criticism. And they do so, all the way to the bank. Time after time.

If you deviate from your core focus, you will pay the consequences. Just as Steve Jobs and Martha Stewart have done.

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