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Building a Wealth Foundation


Wealth creators don’t chase opportunities; the build a wealth foundation around their specific passions and talents.

Andrew Carnegie said “The men who have succeeded are men who have chosen one line and stuck to it.”

Your passion is coded into your DNA just like other personal attributes. If you live in harmony with your code, your energy will flow naturally. Your personal values describe your true feelings and passions. Living in harmony with these values is your path of least resistance to happiness and wealth.

When you focus on delivering your core passion to the best of your ability, the other aspects of wealth creation just flow together. It is the laser focus on Buffet, Carnegie, Dell and Branson et al that sets them apart. Everything they did was focused on delivering to a core blueprint of success. Their strategic imperative. If a new strategy or opportunity did not align with the strategic imperative they didn’t do it.

Wealth creation is not about making money. It’s about creating flow. And the flow is created from two - value and leverage.


Value is determined between the perceived difference of a buyer between cash and the item they wish to purchase. If they see the value of the offering as more than the value of the cash – they will seek to exchange. The greater the differential, the faster the flow of money


Leverage is about making your offering available to everyone. If we look at computer operating systems Microsoft and Apple. Gates focused on ensuring that the MS Windows system would operate on all computers. Jobs constrained his software to operate on Apple computers only. The wider the wealth channel, the more money can flow down it.

Whilst one could argue that the Apple software was and still is superior to Microsofts, the difference in leverage is what make one flow of wealth much wider than the other.

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