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Success - It's Your Right


You have a right to success as much as any other person in the world. In spite of current claims - Success is NO SECRET.

Success is a simple two step system.

  1. Have a clear, detailed vision of what you want to achieve
  2. An effective system to put that vision into play

Most of the world are raised in a poverty mentality, believing that there are limited resources and we must compete with others to win these resources to be successful. The first step to success in realising this belief, and other myths like it are absolute nonsense.

Rich people are not evil. There are some that use wealth in evil ways. But being rich is not a sin, it is your right.

The greatest writer on success and wealth was Wallace Wattles, when in 1810 he wrote the most powerful manuscript ever "The Science of Getting Rich".

As a success coach for many years I can attest that ALL of the success and wealth coaches have their methodologies firmly focused on the key messages in "The Science of Getting Rich"

The Secret - is simply a well constructed portayal of this famous document.

Success is merely understanding the laws of the universe and applying those laws to every part of your life.



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