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Your Right To Wealth


Have you ever noticed that so many people scorn the rich, as though being wealthy was a dirty habit. It is almost an unwritten law that if you are wealthy, you must have cheated others out of their wealth. Being rich is not a noble profession.

Have you ever thought what absolute nonsense this is. Yet, generation after generation, this mentality of them and us is harbored. We grow up in a culture, where being rich is secretly coveted, we are almost embarrased to admit that having wealth would actually make us happy!

Your Right To Wealth is a series of lessons adapted from the wealth masterpiece - The Science of Getting Rich [Wallace D. Wattles]

Let these pages help you:

  1. Rid yourself of the shackles of learned poverty
  2. Understand how wealth is a creative interest, not a competitive one
  3. Confirm that you have a right to wealth - in fact, you have a duty to mankind to become as wealthy as possible
  4. Find out what makes the difference between being poor and being rich
  5. Learn the ultimate secret system of how to get rich, and how to apply it to your life, every day.

So get started on becoming rich RIGHT NOW....



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