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Have you ever noticed how the stance of various people affects your opinion of them. Successful people stand successful. Those who slump around with a down trodden posture - look down trodden. So what can you do to transform your body, to help transform your mind. And when your mind starts receiving more signals of success - guess what, you shouldn't be surprised when greater things start happening in your life.

Too often we only judge our lives by what we think of our lives. We ignore what our body's are telling us. We recall our past life and dream about our future life - but what about your life right now. How aware are you of your life at this very moment.

One of the greatest gifts I have ever received was from the book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living - it talks about living in day tight compartments and just concentrating on what you can do right now to make your life better. For me - I don't even live or judge my life in days - I experience my life in 'moments'. And in spite of lot of misery in my life - I have many, many happy moments.

Living in this way has made me more appreciative of my current surroundings - whereever I am. And I harness the power of my body to make every moment better - no wonder most people I meet say that my enthusiasm for life is inspiring - if they only knew what I was really dealing with most of the time!!

Body language accounts for55% of communication. What we say only measures at 7%.

Listen to this short 2min video on why posture is a leadership skill

Our bodies mimick how we’re feeling. And that feeling is communicated on many levels to both our own subconscious and to others.

Try smiling - a big broad smile and try to say out loud - I am unhappy, I am miserable. Did you believe a word of it. Not in an instance.

When your body is saying one emotion - your words are meaningless.

This is the incredible power of the body.

If you are going walking to lose weight - don't waddle along like a fat person. Look at how fit people walk - and copy them. Now your brain is really firing up those 'dump the fat' signals.

Your body is your most powerful instrument to help you increase your confidence, wellness and success.

Become more aware of your body – how your body moves - when it’s tensed or relaxed. And smile!

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