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What To Do When Life Doesn't Work Out As Planned

We all have times in our lives when things just don't work out as we plan. Some are just little hiccups in the road to your destiny, but others can take us right off the road and leave us disillusioned, exhausted and sad.

Like the old adage "Get straight back on the horse"

Have a clear plan of attack to remedy these situations.

Find the Silver Lining

There is ALWAYS something positive about a wrong turn. It may not be obvious and it will almost never make up for the loss of your dream, but it is often the start of a whole new direction. So ask yourself the right questions, such as:

  • What do I know now that I did not know before?
  • How can this information help me or someone I care about?
  • What am I now free to do that I am no longer engaged in my previous activity?
  • Where could that lead me?


Take a Humor Break

Research have proven that wathcing funny videos showed reduces stress hormones, and boosts the immune system, reducing pain. Laughter is a great medicine.

Ask For Help

Find someone you can talk to - a mentor, a friend or family member. Be open about how you feel and ask them to help guide you back onto a solid footing again. Ask them if they can be a special support if you find yourself spiralling down. Even if it means sending you some funny emails each day. Just knowing that someone is there by your side is immensely empowering and helps to stop yourself from wallowing in self pity.

Create A List of Things to DO

I find that at any time I feel my efforts are in vain, I do some small achievable task that has been waiting for attention. Or clean the house or your car. Anything that moves you forward in your life. The very fact you are doing something constructive helps. It pays to keep a list where you can jot down chores when you think of them - then it is all ready for you when you need it. The exercise is good, and your focus get redirected, giving your brain some relief!

Set Some New Goals

My mother-in-law had a great practice. If anything was bothering her she would allocate herself one hour a day when she allowed herself to immerse herself in her worry or grief. This validated her need to feel the pain, but prevented her from misdirecting all the other positive aspects in her life. It really does help to get things in persective.

Remember - although the loss of a dream is devastating, it is often only one box in your life. If you consider that your life is built upon a foundation of separate boxes:

  • Love
  • Family
  • Friends and Social Activities
  • Work
  • Health
  • Knowledge
  • Spiritual
  • etc

Loss in one area does not mean that EVERYTHING in your life is lost - it just feels like it right now. Just work on putting the lid on that box for a while and search through the other boxes to focus on how grateful you are for the things you have in your life, rather than what you have just lost.

I have had some significant losses in my life, and whilst the above may seem trivial right now, they really do help when things get turned upside dow.

Book mark this page for when you need it next - and go put 5 things on that TO DO list you are going to keep handy!

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