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Spiritual Quest

The American Indians are well known for the concept of spiritual quests.
Today, people tend to compartmentalize spirituality however when you open your mind to the ongoing journey that is your life interaction, finding your true purpose in life leads to a deep commitment that drives energy and action.

Instead of ignoring big questions that define what you should be doing, and what is valuable to you – we tend to see spirituality as a sideline, something we explore when we pick up the next self help book that excites our conscious brain to focus on our lifes purpose.

Your spirit quest determines what really matters to you in your life – not what your parents told you, or what society tries to force upon you, or what leaders suggest to you. What matters to you is highly personal and can vary significantly amongst members of the same family.


Listen To Your Inner Self

Starting back at the beginning. What fascinated you in your childhood can have a compelling impact in what you seek out as an adult. As children we approach things unconditionally, rather than guided by a plethora of expectations we seek to satisfy as an adult.

Many adults get caught in the rut of cultural and social expectations of how to live your life. However, those that are truly successful take the time to explore their true inner self to find out what you want to achieve in your life. I don’t just mean your job – but how you will care for your body, your mind and your spirit.

Mediocre people live mediocre lives and are no better off that the mouse that runs around the wheel every day thinking that the reward they get at the end of it is the sole purpose of the day.


Reaching Deeper

Today, in our rushed world, we are interacting more with people, but we are getting to know people less. Social status is being measured by the number of ‘connections’ you have, rather than the depth of those connections. This is driven by social network groups – yet people feel lonelier than ever.

Trust only develops from deep and intense relationships and experiences. The superficial level that most of todays social networks operate are not proving to support the development of trust.


Connect With Lifes Natural Energy

Mentally we are genetically programmed to interact with nature. Rather than skimming by the lines of trees at the edge of the road, get out in amongst nature to nuture your spirit.

No wonder so many people suffer from seasonally affected disorder [SAD]. The air inside your home or office is more polluted than outside.

Before you can connect to the inner wisdom of your soul, you need to connect with the true nature of the world.


Action Speaks Louder than Words

The most powerful step to transforming your life is Take Action.
There are so many success systems that teach you about attitude, beliefs, thought management, balanced life diets etc etc all of which contribute to your overall success in that they clear the emotional clutter out of the way, but they will not progress your forward towards your goals.

Knowing something is not as powerful as taking action. Just make sure that action is aligned with your life purpose - that it is steeped in wisdom.

The old are generally heralded for their ‘wisdom’ and support the concept that youth is wasted on the young. Why? Because it takes nearly an entire lifetime to work out how to operate you life. Has nature screwed up here?

Most of us seek information rather than seeking wisdom. The timeless guidance on lifes challenges. Wisdom is generally held by the elderly - not all elders are wise – but it doesn’t take long to find those who have found success, happiness and deep inner peace.

Ask them – if you could change one thing about the course of your life – what would you change? Then look at how that wisdom can be interwoven to your own life actions.


Continually Challenge Yourself

How many people do you come across that become intensely important to you, and influence your life more than your family? This may include your life partner and closest friends.

Yet how often do you explore how these people contribute to your achievement of your life purpose? Do you tend to load up on their baggage, and offload your baggage on them – rather than seeing how you can support each others quest?

Until you can confidently state what anothers person life quest is – they are still a stranger to you. Actively engaging others in supporting your life purpose is a skill in itself. They help you challenge your beliefs and your life purpose. They help you explore your life at a deeper level by asking questions that you may not ask yourself, and not letting you skip out on not answering.

If this makes you feel uncomfortable – that’s a good sign. It means they have tapped into an area that you are not yet comfortable with yourself.

So remember, your happiness is guided by your willingness to connect to your spirituality, and continually seeking wisdom that helps you challenge and focus your life purpose.

A spirit quest is truly a journey only for the brave - but for those who succeed in completing the journey, extracting the wisdom from the world and learning your life purpose, these are the truly successful people in the world.

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