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There is a place that very few people have been to...a place that is so extraordinary that when you get there, you will find yourself in the top 1-3 percent of people that are successful.

Its the place that most people don't make the effort to get to, but is the place that separates winners from losers.

The habit of going the extra mile - more service than one is expected...and doing it with a positive mental attitude.

If you expect to write your own price tag, and get it. You will get favourable attention from people who can help you advance towards your goal.

Become indispensible to your customers. These are the people who compare you and your product or services to your competition.


Napoleon Hills QQMA Formula

  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Mental Attitude with which you render it.

If you examine successful people, they follow this formula.

This principle applies in both your personal and business life. It puts you in a position where you look better to those who you have relationships with.

So how can you go that extra mile: change your position to one where it pays to go the extra mile. There is no point making this extra effort in a place where it is neither perceived or appreciated.

A lot depends upon what industry you are in, but quantity and quality are principles that can relate to:

  • The time you spend with the ones you love
  • The product you sell
  • The service you provide
  • The sport you play
  • The social events you host

Going that extra step takes extra effort.

As Napoleon Hill said "I have never received a favourable break in my life without going the extra mile".

When you share with another, a part of your life, you grow because of the gift of the other grow in proportion with the amount of youreself that you are willing to share.

When we develop the habit of cheerfully doing more than expected, we get back multiples back of what we give. And when you think you have got to that place, look again...keep moving forward one MORE step. If you stop because you think you touched the limit of your resources, you can lose the game. Its an investment that requires continuous feeding...but provides continuous success.

So what are you willing to do to go that extra mile?



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