Life Success Habits


Do What Others Won't


Your life is a process of managing your personal resources:

  • Physical Abilities
  • Intellectual Abilities
  • Time
  • Energy
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Knowledge

and so on.

There are only four options with our resources

  • Invest – get a measurable return that grows the original investment
  • Spend – get nothing or little in return
  • Waste - you definitely get nothing in return
  • Abuse - you lose more than you invest, often the loss also occurring in a different resource than the one invested.

Successful people are the ones who best invest their resources. The live in a life of leverage, where small efforts have great impact...and returns.

Many of your decisions as to who you invest your resources depend upon your perceptions of the anticipated return.

If you are not getting a good return on your life investments, chances are you need to 'shift' your perceptions.

It is very easy to convince yourself that what you are doing is the best use of your time etc, but we are easily fooled. Often we are not doing enough to expect the return we perceive we will get. Successful people know better, adn are will to do what others are not willing to do.

The key is being able to force yourself into doing these tasks - often by reframing the activity and the outcome.

Its also about accepting that if you keep doing what you are currently doing, things will NOT change. You will simply keep getting the same results.

These are challenges you need the mental strength to move beyond. There are many good self development books and seminars that provide simple, yet effective tools to achieve this state.


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