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Bob Proctors 6 Minutes to Success


Bob Proctor has for 40 years helped people to understand the secrets of success. In a secret interview as to what made the difference in Bobs life, Bob shared what happened in his life, with the aim of helping others see that they too can gain incredible success.

Featured on The Secret, on Larry King, Nightline and quoted in many major publications of the world, and living the eternal dream of healt, wealth and happiness.

In 1961 Bob was a fireman, and was sitting in a fire hall in Canada, earning $4,000 a year, owing $6,000. He was constantly pursued by bill collectors and had no idea how to change his unhappy life.

He was introduced to Napolean Hill's book Think and Grow Rich. It transformed his life – the secret in the book lead him down a road of recovery. Sit down and decide what you really want, write it on a card and read it every chance you get.

This focus of the mind attracts the opportunities one needs to get to the goal on the card.

He was going to have by New Years Day in 1970, $25,000. This was an incredible dream for someone gaining more debt every year. Bob kept reading the card, he also started studying the book further.

Flying into Toronto one night he was picking through the book to find the things that really made the difference for him –

When he wrote the card he didn’t believe it – but within just one year, he was earning $175,000 a year, and a few years after than over a $million per year.

He kept reading the book – “there is a difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it”. Wishing puts you in a mindset that you don’t really believe that you can get it.

Even though he didn’t really believe he could get $25,000 – so until he changed this mindset, it will not be delivered. You need to believe you can acquire it – and not mere hope or wish. You mind must be open, and in a state of belief.

Our belief system is based upon our evaluation of something. If you re-evaluate a situation your beliefs can change. Open mindedness is central to belief. Open your mind up to new ideas and new things. Faith, courage and belief need an open mind.

The Millionaire Mindset demand abundance and prosperity.

It takes no more energy to believe, than not believe you can achieve your goal.

Your subconscious mind only acts on thoughts that have been well mixed with emotion and feeling. Mere repetition doesn’t work. This fact is so important that

The lack of understanding of this prohibits those attempting autosuggestion from achieving the results.

Start imaging and feeling yourself living the life you want to live. Start to act as if you have already achieved your goal – don’t worry about where it is coming from.

Start where you are now, and give it everything you have.

Ignore all the doubts and sniggers of others and keep believing and knowing. Your mind starts operating on a different frequency and everything in your world will start to change.

  1. Sit down and think in detail where you want to be – don’t worry about where it is going to come from.
  2. Write it on a card
  3. Start living in the abundance of what you believe is coming to you – get emotionally involved. Live the part like a moving. Act where you are to living your new goal.
  4. Your level of conscious awareness will be raised – and you can expect your goal to be delivered, not in the way you expect, but it will arrive.
  5. Then write a new goal and start all over again.

Do it every day.

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